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Almighty noun – The being worshipped as the creator and ruler of the universe.
Usage example: the missionaries gave thanks to the Almighty for their miraculous deliverance from death

God is a synonym for almighty in religion topic. In some cases you can use "God" instead a noun "Almighty", when it comes to topics like creator. popular alternative
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God noun – A being having superhuman powers and control over a particular part of life or the world.
Almighty is a synonym for god in religion topic. You can use "Almighty" instead a noun "God", if it concerns topics such as creator, supernatural being worshipped by people. popular alternative
Nearby Words: godly, godless, godliness, godhead
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  • As far as Vorinism, Roshar's dominant religion, is concerned, the trope is in full force, since Honor/The Almighty is/was their only recognized god.
    Source: God Is Dead
  • For deities who are mentally ill or just not all there, see Mad God and Almighty Idiot.
  • Physical God The true power of "The Almighty" is to alter the future, and he was able to give a powerful enough piece of his soul to Lille Barro to turn him into a God in Vollstandig.
    Source: Physical God
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