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Amusing adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Usage example: Grandma told an amusing story about Dad when he was little

Entertaining is a synonym for amusing in interesting topic. In some cases you can use "Entertaining" instead an adjective "Amusing", when it comes to topics like funny, excite. popular alternative
Nearby Words: amusement, amuse, amusingly, amused, amusedly
Synonyms for Amusing


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Entertaining adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Usage example: a list of entertaining things to do on a snow day

Amusing is a synonym for entertaining in characteristic topic. You can use "Amusing" instead an adjective "Entertaining", if it concerns topics such as delightful, enjoyable, interesting, excite. popular alternative
Nearby Words: entertain, entertainment, entertainer, entertained, entertainingly
Synonyms for Entertaining

Things that words describes

manner amusing manner entertaining manner
part amusing part entertaining part
look amusing look entertaining look
take amusing take entertaining take
Other nouns: sequence, scene, episode, way, fashion, example, game, story, variation, conversation, dialogue, results, banter, video, ways, stories, antics, examples, scenes, moments, interactions.

Both words in one sentence

  • Some think it didn't work; not because it was a bad idea, merely because the plots written for them were not as entertaining or amusing as the earlier Unresolved Sexual Tension ones.
  • Vanilla Edition None of these amusing and entertaining extras made it to Funimation's digitally remastered re-releases.
  • As always, Tropes Are Not Bad — a Violation of Common Sense can be entertaining and amusing when well-executed, just as it can be confusing or annoying when not properly set up.
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