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Entertaining adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Usage example: a list of entertaining things to do on a snow day

Fun is a synonym for entertaining in amusing topic. In some cases you can use "Fun" instead the word "Entertaining" as an adjective or a noun. informal substitute
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Synonyms for Entertaining


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Fun adjective – Providing amusement or enjoyment.
Usage example: there were so many fun things to do at summer camp that the kids really hated to leave

Entertaining is a synonym for fun in good topic. You can use "Entertaining" instead the word "Fun" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as enjoyable.
Synonyms for Fun

Things that words describes

experience entertaining experience fun experience
character entertaining character fun character
part entertaining part fun part
look entertaining look fun look
Other nouns: scene, show, read, episode, example, characters, personality, game, story, tale, romp, film, writing, video, ways, stories, scenes.

Both words in one sentence

  • AJ Styles: During his 2013 Face–Heel Turn, he declared that he no longer cared about having fun or entertaining the crowd, only about winning to earn money.
  • It should be an entertaining and fun-filled read, more suitable for younger readers.
  • The first 12 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (or its first season) had potential and could be fun/entertaining, but had no continuous plot and relied on Monster of the Week episodes, as well as having some cringy humour thrown in and clunky, predictable villains.
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