Animosity and Hatred


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Animosity noun – A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: his open animosity towards us made our meeting very uncomfortable

Hatred is a synonym for animosity in resentment topic. In some cases you can use "Hatred" instead a noun "Animosity", when it comes to topics like hostility, malice, antipathy, grudge. popular alternative
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Hatred noun – A very strong dislike.
Usage example: a lifelong hatred of war that inspired him to join a peace movement

Animosity is a synonym for hatred in enmity topic. You can use "Animosity" instead a noun "Hatred", if it concerns topics such as resentment, grudge, hate, severe dislike. popular alternative
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How words are described

clear clear animosity clear hatred
pure pure animosity pure hatred
particular particular animosity particular hatred
initial initial animosity initial hatred
Other adjectives: genuine, deep, profound, strong, active, actual, real, massive, great, intense, unreasoning, personal, general, mutual, lingering, immense, growing, everlasting, racial, unexplained.

Both words in one sentence

  • World War II / War In Asia And The Pacific The war in the eastern Pacific quickly comes to mirror that in the west—the mutual, deep-seated (and oftentimes racial) hatred and animosity on virtually all sides means that quarter is rarely asked or given.
  • Video Game / Prinny: Can I Really Be the Hero? Punch Clock Villain: Dolvalky, a giant four-armed god who is being summoned to bring the Netherworld into chaos and wields two evil swords called Animosity and Hatred.
  • Woman Scorned Her animosity falls short of outright hatred, but she's very enthusiastic at trying to persuade Fu George to take actions which might humiliate Drake, even when they're not necessarily in Fu George's best interests.
    Source: Woman Scorned
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