Animosity and Hostility


Animosity noun - A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: his open animosity towards us made our meeting very uncomfortable

Hostility is a synonym for animosity in resentment topic. In some cases you can use "Hostility" instead a noun "Animosity", when it comes to topics like enmity, love, feeling, malice. popular alternative

Nearby Word: animus


Hostility noun - A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: a lingering hostility between the two neighbors ever since since they had that property-line dispute

Animosity is a synonym for hostility in resentment topic. You can use "Animosity" instead a noun "Hostility", if it concerns topics such as enmity, love, feeling, opposition. popular alternative

Nearby Word: hostile

How words are described

clear clear animosity clear hostility
initial initial animosity initial hostility
genuine genuine animosity genuine hostility
outward outward animosity outward hostility
Other adjectives: deep, active, actual, real, downright, great, intense, little, personal, continued, general, past, less, mutual, growing, escalating, increasing, earlier, previous, racial.

Both words in one sentence

  • Western Animation / Ali Baba Bunny With Friends Like These...: With as much clear hostility and animosity between Bugs and Daffy, one really has to wonder why they're spending their vacation together.
  • Kafka Komedy But every time he tries to get cooperation from his family members he's met with more irresponsible behaviour, animosity, and sometimes outright hostility.
    Source: Kafka Komedy
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