Bitterness and Hostility


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Bitterness noun – A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: he still harbored an implacable bitterness against the company that had fired him

Hostility is a synonym for bitterness in resentment topic. In some cases you can use "Hostility" instead a noun "Bitterness", when it comes to topics like animosity, agony, grudge, acrimony. popular alternative
Nearby Words: bitter, bitterly, bittern, bitterish
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Hostility noun – A deep-seated ill will.
Usage example: a lingering hostility between the two neighbors ever since since they had that property-line dispute

Bitterness is a synonym for hostility in resentment topic. You can use "Bitterness" instead a noun "Hostility", if it concerns topics such as animosity, antagonism, malice, grudge. popular alternative
Nearby Word: hostile
Synonyms for Hostility

How words are described

utter utter bitterness utter hostility
genuine genuine bitterness genuine hostility
deep deep bitterness deep hostility
overt overt bitterness overt hostility
Other adjectives: native, actual, real, massive, extreme, great, little, personal, instinctive, understandable, general, apparent, mutual, outright, growing, blind.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / In Your Arms Tonight In Koichi's route and Aiba's "Another Story" route, the protagonist learns that Sachie quit a teaching job that she loved in order to be a "proper wife" once she married Koichi's father, who is unfaithful to her, explaining some of Sachie's bitterness and hostility.
  • Not to mention that in real life, America actually treated Japan pretty decently after the atomic bombings, going through its occupation of Japan with a minimum of bitterness and hostility, a portrayal that would likely fit their APH characters better.
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