Announcement and Message


Announcement noun - A published statement informing the public of a matter of general interest.
Usage example: an announcement was in today's paper regarding the merger of the two banks
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Synonyms for Announcement

Message is a synonym for announcement in account topic. In some cases you can use "Message" instead a noun "Announcement", when it comes to topics like notice, proclamation, communication, bulletin. popular alternative


Message noun - A piece of conveyed information.
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Synonyms for Message

Announcement is a synonym for message in communication topic. You can use "Announcement" instead a noun "Message", if it concerns topics such as account, notice, notification. popular alternative

Nearby Words: messaged, messaging

How words are described

old old announcement old message
good good announcement good message
full full announcement full message
brief brief announcement brief message
Other adjectives: short, public, original, fake, single, simple, actual, real, big, important, general, hidden, mysterious, last, intended, audio, prerecorded.

Both words in one sentence

  • Ad Bumpers Common messages include random announcement, announcements about upcoming shows and schedules, or responses to fans from the actual message boards.
    Source: Ad Bumpers
  • Film / The Fugitive They eventually use it to find a hidden "Next stop, Merchandise Mart" train announcement in the message and determine that Kimble is actually in Chicago.
  • Series / Power Rangers Megaforce Meaningful Echo: In "The Wrath", when Earth is invaded by millions of Armada ships and Emperor Mavro orders the Rangers to surrender, they decide they need to send him a message, in the form of their post-roll call announcement.Troy: Is this enough of a message to get our point across?
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