Antithesis and Contrast


Antithesis noun - Something that is as different as possible from something else.

Contrast is a synonym for antithesis in contrariety topic. In some cases you can use "Contrast" instead a noun "Antithesis", when it comes to topics like contradictory, opposite, exact opposite. popular alternative

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Contrast noun - The quality or state of being different.

Antithesis is a synonym for contrast in contrariety topic. You can use "Antithesis" instead a noun "Contrast", if it concerns topics such as difference, contradictory, opposite. popular alternative

How words are described

direct direct antithesis direct contrast
complete complete antithesis complete contrast
utter utter antithesis utter contrast
total total antithesis total contrast
Other adjectives: big, blue, deliberate, intentional.

Both words in one sentence

  • Identical Grandson In contrast to Thaddeus, who is the antithesis of their father.
  • The Game Come to Life Contrast with its Spiritual Antithesis, Sword Art Online, which involves many players being trapped in a VR MMORPG, in which they must learn to survive until they can manage to beat the game.
  • Creator / Warren Ellis Spiritual Antithesis: Ellis himself put his Black Summer in contrast with Mark Millar's Civil War, saying that latter is watered-down vision of conflict between superheroes and government and the former is what would really happen.
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