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Everyone is a synonym for anybody in one topic. In some cases you can use "Everyone" instead the word "Anybody" as a pronoun or a noun.
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Everyone pronoun – Every person.
Usage example: there's plenty of food for everyone

Anybody is a synonym for everyone in all topic. You can use "Anybody" instead the word "Everyone" as a pronoun or a noun. popular alternative
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  • Averted in Naruto, which is especially glaring when you would think that a boy who has grown up orphaned and isolated his whole life would ask anybody and everyone he could about his parents if a chance presented itself.
  • Literature / Doctor Who New Adventures Everybody Lives: Played with in Sleepy, where the Doctor explicitly challenges himself to save the day without anybody dying: "villains, innocents, everyone".
  • Unusual Euphemism: Apple Bloom says things like "everyone" and "anybody" instead of "everypony" and "anypony", which serves as your first hint that she wasn't raised by ponies.
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