Appliance and Instrument


Appliance noun - An interesting and often novel device with a practical use.
Usage example: since the invention of the cork, all manner of appliances have been invented for the extraction of these sometimes troublesome stoppers
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Synonyms for Appliance

Instrument is a synonym for appliance in device topic. In some cases you can use "Instrument" instead a noun "Appliance", when it comes to topics like machine, building block. popular alternative


Instrument noun - An article intended for use in work.
Usage example: always choose the right instrument for any woodworking job
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Synonyms for Instrument

Appliance is a synonym for instrument in tool topic. You can use "Appliance" instead a noun "Instrument", if it concerns topics such as implement, building block. popular alternative

How words are described

common common appliance common instrument
single single appliance single instrument
capable capable appliance capable instrument
new new appliance new instrument
Other adjectives: useful, random, walking, different, medical, eponymous, electronic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Take the Money and Run Allen would revisit the theme of Stupid Crooks in Small Time Crooks.Take the Money and Run provides examples of: Appliance Defenestration: Virgil's cello is thrown out a window, presumably by someone fed up with his horrible skill with the instrument.
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