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Approval noun – An acceptance of something as satisfactory.
Permission is a synonym for approval in authorisation topic. In some cases you can use "Permission" instead a noun "Approval", when it comes to topics like authorization, allow, consent. popular alternative
Nearby Words: approve, approved, approbation, approving, approbate
Synonyms for Approval


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Permission noun – Approval to do something.
Usage example: he asked permission to leave

Approval is a synonym for permission in authorization topic. You can use "Approval" instead a noun "Permission", if it concerns topics such as allow, sanction, authorisation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: permit, permissive, permissiveness, permissible, permissibility
Synonyms for Permission

How words are described

full full approval full permission
similar similar approval similar permission
specific specific approval specific permission
direct direct approval direct permission
Other adjectives: complete, new, major, reluctant, tacit, implicit, explicit, royal, official, verbal, prior, parental.

Both words in one sentence

  • Bollywood / Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge He decides that not only will he take his love with him back to Britain but that he will get the permission and approval of her strict father as well.
  • Although technically they are not yet engaged and Ben Stiller is just trying to preemptively win their approval so this trope won't come up when he proposes/asks for permission to propose.
  • Development Hell Decades, the Rock'N'Roll theme park in Arizona, which got approval to be built by the state government but never saw the light of day mostly due to money problems and probably because they could not get licensing and permission from the artists themselves.
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