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Arena noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: has a lot of influence in the local business arena

Field is a synonym for arena in sport topic. In some cases you can use "Field" instead a noun "Arena", when it comes to topics like court, ground, scene, range. popular alternative
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Field noun – A region of activity, knowledge, or influence.
Usage example: the first woman to enter the field of medicine

Arena is a synonym for field in pitch topic. You can use "Arena" instead a noun "Field", if it concerns topics such as sport, court, track, territory. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fielded, fielding, fielder
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How words are described

full full arena full field
particular particular arena particular field
normal normal arena normal field
specific specific arena specific field
Other adjectives: single, open, empty, small, actual, entire, massive, large, big, huge, main, new, political, limited, wide, giant.

Both words in one sentence

  • Anti-Frustration Features Players who draw less than 5 effective element pieces in their first turn of battle arena will have the pieces redrawn to level the playing field.
  • Video Game / Transistor Field of Blades: The final boss arena has copies of the Transistor in the background, all dropped into the ground blade-first at various angles.
  • Deflector Shields aka: Deflector Shield One of Nerod's gladiatorial robots can generate a force field to protect itself, and Nerod activates a force field around his arena box when Samson throws a robot at him.
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