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Field noun – A particular environment or walk of life.
Orbit is a synonym for field in study topic. In some cases you can use "Orbit" instead a noun "Field", when it comes to topics like territory. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fielded, fielding, fielder
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Orbit noun – A particular environment or walk of life.
Usage example: he's out of my orbit

Field is a synonym for orbit in range topic. You can use "Field" instead a noun "Orbit", if it concerns topics such as influence, territory. popular alternative
Nearby Words: orbited, orbiting, orbital
Synonyms for Orbit

How words are described

high high field high orbit
full full field full orbit
particular particular field particular orbit
similar similar field similar orbit
Other adjectives: normal, right, strong, entire, main, new, general, political, left, different, gravitational.

Common collocations

ship field ship orbit ship

Both words in one sentence

  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom The weapon's range isn't actually that great, which means that any ship using it against a planet is on a suicide mission, as the field from the planet's destruction will get anything in orbit.
  • Summoning Ritual First, the MP Evas fly up into orbit, align themselves into a Kabbalistic Tree of Life and use the resulting anti-AT field to lift the entire geofront into space.
  • Badass Family The pirate's field commander would later state that if he'd known the DeVries family lived on Mathison's world, he'd have bombed their home from orbit.
    Source: Badass Family
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