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Argument noun – An often noisy or angry expression of differing opinions.
Question is a synonym for argument. In some cases you can use "Question" instead a noun "Argument".
Nearby Words: argue, argumentative, argued, arguable, argumentation
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Question noun – A feeling or declaration of disapproval or dissent.
Usage example: that these measurements are accurate is beyond question

Argument is a synonym for question in issue topic. Sometimes you can use "Argument" instead a noun "Question", if it concerns topics such as difficulty, doubt, controversy.
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
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How words are described

old old argument old question
good good argument good question
exact exact argument exact question
particular particular argument particular question
Other adjectives: better, similar, common, following, original, reasonable, valid, single, actual, real, serious, little, main, major, final, last, different, philosophical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Using a loaded term to imply that the subject in question is bad when the point of your argument is that that its bad is just another form of Begging the Question.
    Source: Loaded Words
  • Web Video / Retsupurae Justified, though, because the girls in question were cosplaying as Naruto and Sasuke.General Ironicus: This is the world's best argument against girl on girl action!
  • Synopsis: An argument between her friends has brought to question Rarity's generosity.
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