Issue and Question


Issue noun - A condition or occurrence traceable to a cause.

Question is a synonym for issue in matter topic. In some cases you can use "Question" instead a noun "Issue", when it comes to topics like subject, thing, idea, point. popular alternative

Nearby Words: issued, issuing, issuance, issuer


Question noun - A major object of interest or concern (as in a discussion or artistic composition).
Usage example: it's a question of personal responsibility

Issue is a synonym for question in subject topic. You can use "Issue" instead a noun "Question", if it concerns topics such as thing, idea, matter, problem. popular alternative

How words are described

old old issue old question
particular particular issue particular question
similar similar issue similar question
common common issue common question
Other adjectives: single, obvious, actual, real, serious, little, main, important, new, major, given, final, later, next, last, different, previous, biggest.

Common collocations

ability issue ability question ability
appearance issue appearance question appearance
right issue right question right
system issue system question system
Other words: times, orders.

Both words in one sentence

  • Most often results in a decision to stay married, at least temporarily, until some issue or question is resolved.
  • Roundtables: Multiple writers discussing a specific question or issue- for example, reactions to a particular episode of a television series Hatesong: A pop culture figure discusses his or her most-hated song.The AV Club served as the big break for a couple of critics who have gone on to other work.
  • Hilarity ensued when Newman's Own Salad Dressing debuted in a 1982 issue and readers kept insisting it was the fake ad (there wasn't one in the issue in question...).
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