Articulate and Voice


Articulate verb - To utter clearly and distinctly.
Usage example: uses a very measured tone and articulates every syllable when issuing scoldings

Voice is a synonym for articulate in speech topic. In some cases you can use "Voice" instead a verb "Articulate", when it comes to topics like express, pronounce, words, enunciate. popular alternative


Voice verb - Utter with vibrating vocal chords.

Articulate is a synonym for voice in utter topic. You can use "Articulate" instead a verb "Voice", if it concerns topics such as words, enunciate, put into words. popular alternative

Nearby Words: voiced, voiceless, voicing

Common collocations

speech articulate speech voice speech
sentence articulate sentence voice sentence
discomfort articulate discomfort voice discomfort
displeasure articulate displeasure voice displeasure
Other words: objection, feelings, emotions, thoughts.

Both words in one sentence

  • His robotic but pretty vocoder-altered voice, his faceless look, the fact that he had a pretty dang articulate toy... Call him a snitch and the fanbase will eviscerate you.
  • Creator / Penn & Teller For instance, Penn does not raise his voice at all in real life, and Teller, being a former classics teacher, is an extremely articulate conversationalist.
  • What the Hell Is That Accent? Listening to him do the occasional voice-over on TV, it becomes clear why he doesn't often read the audio versions of his own books: even though he's articulate and interesting, that accent can get very distracting.
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