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Express verb – To make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion).
Usage example: in a true democracy, a person can freely express his or her views

Voice is a synonym for express in articulate topic. In some cases you can use "Voice" instead the word "Express" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like state, speech, language, words. popular alternative
Nearby Words: expression, expressive, expressed, expressly, expressing
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Voice verb – To make known (as an idea, emotion, or opinion).
Usage example: voiced a suggestion about where to go

Express is a synonym for voice in articulate topic. You can use "Express" instead a verb "Voice", if it concerns topics such as language, words, speak. popular alternative
Nearby Words: voiced, voiceless, voicing
Synonyms for Voice

How words are described

human human express human voice
nice nice express nice voice
original original express original voice
real real express real voice

Common collocations

belief express belief voice belief
opinion express opinion voice opinion
admiration express admiration voice admiration
kind express kind voice kind
Other nouns: concern, relief, disdain, disapproval, discomfort, disappointment, frustration, displeasure, doubt, dislike, hatred, disgust, feelings, emotions, thoughts, opinions, desires.

Both words in one sentence

  • Surprisingly Good English Words cannot express how creepy and startling Honey's line is when you first hear it, what with the differences in voice and this trope.
  • Securitrons in Fallout: New Vegas also has rather cold male voice, though not as much as Sentry Bots since they seemingly able to express sarcasm and excitement to some extent.
  • Flipping the Bird The machine has no voice synthesizer, so the Game Master uses this robot's hologram-illusion tentacles to express its defiance after S.J.
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