Assemble and Meet


Assemble verb - To come together into one body or place.
Usage example: the graduates were told to assemble in the cafeteria an hour before the ceremony

Meet is a synonym for assemble in gather topic. In some cases you can use "Meet" instead a verb "Assemble", when it comes to topics like activity, congregate, come together. popular alternative


Meet verb - To come together into one body or place.
Usage example: we'll meet for dinner, with a discussion to follow, next week

Assemble is a synonym for meet in gather topic. You can use "Assemble" instead a verb "Meet", if it concerns topics such as group, convene. popular alternative

Nearby Word: meeting

Common collocations

people assemble people meet people
group assemble group meet group
men assemble men meet men
team assemble team meet team
Other words: rest, way, characters, version.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tabletop Game / Warhammer 40,000 Players assemble their armies to meet an agreed-upon number of points per army prior to play, with the upper limits usually determined by the type of game being played.
  • So while it's not the first time that they meet, not only can one assume their original meeting was somewhat similar, it is also when they first become a "team", making it their Avengers Assemble moment.
  • Film / Seven Samurai Debut Queue: We meet the Samurai one at a time as they assemble the team.
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