Gather and Meet


Gather verb - To come together into one body or place.
Usage example: ask the faculty to gather in the lounge for the meeting

Meet is a synonym for gather in congregate topic. In some cases you can use "Meet" instead a verb "Gather", when it comes to topics like group, come or bring together. popular alternative

Nearby Words: gathering, gathered, gatherer


Meet verb - To come together into one body or place.
Usage example: we'll meet for dinner, with a discussion to follow, next week

Gather is a synonym for meet in group topic. You can use "Gather" instead a verb "Meet", if it concerns topics such as assemble, convene. popular alternative

Nearby Word: meeting

Common collocations

people gather people meet people
group gather group meet group
men gather men meet men
meat gather meat meet meat
Other words: team, rest, characters, friends, members, heroes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Never Sleep Again Careful Dreamers can navigate this world while they sleep to gather information or meet with each other.
  • You quickly meet an NPC ally and two villains, then gather four characters in three battles.
    Source: Debut Queue
  • Lawful Neutral In the last book of a novel trilogy, we meet the rest of the Council that Tyrael is on when they gather to decide the fate of humanity for being the offspring of angels and demons.
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