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Attach verb – To cause (something) to hold to another.
Chain is a synonym for attach in fasten topic. In some cases you can use "Chain" instead a verb "Attach".
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Chain verb – To confine or restrain with or as if with chains.
Usage example: chaining up the dog in the backyard

Attach is a synonym for chain in action topic. You can use "Attach" instead a verb "Chain", if it concerns topics such as manacle in metal.
Nearby Words: chained, chainlet, chaining
Synonyms for Chain

Common collocations

hand attach hand chain hand
bombs attach bombs chain bombs

Both words in one sentence

  • Human Cannonball In Runescape's "A Clockwork Syringe" quest, firing yourself out of the cannon directly is too dangerous, so you weld a chain to the cannonball, attach a barrel to it, and ride in that instead!
  • Trial-and-Error Gameplay There is no outward indication, for instance, that helicopters are electric, and so will electrocute anything you attach to them by a chain.
  • So they tie a chain around it, attach the other end on Keek's Taunus and drag it out of the office building and through "half the Ruhrgebiet".
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