Attain and Realize


Attain verb - To obtain (as a goal) through effort.
Usage example: Napoléon had attained mastery of much of Europe at that point

Realize is a synonym for attain in reach topic. In some cases you can use "Realize" instead a verb "Attain", when it comes to topics like acquisition, obtain, do, achieve. popular alternative


Realize verb - To receive as return for effort.
Usage example: if you deposit your paycheck in a savings account, you'll realize a little interest on it

Attain is a synonym for realize in gain topic. You can use "Attain" instead a verb "Realize", if it concerns topics such as acquisition, get, do. popular alternative

Common collocations

connection attain connection realize connection
power attain power realize power
strength attain strength realize strength
dream attain dream realize dream
Other words: truth, look, way, effects.

Both words in one sentence

  • In Marxist theory, when the working classes attain "class consciousness," in other words, realize how they're being exploited by the Bourgeoisie, they'll rise up and overthrow the capitalists.
  • It gets worse when you realize that the 90% freeze resistance your characters have in VS Mode actually also exists in normal play, meaning that in order to attain even just a 1 second effective freeze time an enemy would need it's attack to have a 10 second base freeze time.
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