Attain and Win


Attain verb - To obtain (as a goal) through effort.
Usage example: Napoléon had attained mastery of much of Europe at that point

Win is a synonym for attain in obtain topic. In some cases you can use "Win" instead a verb "Attain", when it comes to topics like achieve, action. popular alternative


Win verb - To receive as return for effort.
Usage example: win a gold medal in swimming

Attain is a synonym for win in secure topic. You can use "Attain" instead a verb "Win", if it concerns topics such as obtain, achieve. popular alternative

Nearby Words: winning, winner, wining

Common collocations

award attain award win award
way attain way win way
level attain level win level
title attain title win title
Other words: freedom, victory, mission, titles.

Both words in one sentence

  • To attain success in said facilities, one must repeatedly win by defeating sets of seven Trainers in a row.
    Source: Rule of Seven
  • Despite her crossing the Moral Event Horizon in order to try to attain her goal of complete Harmony, it reached a point where there were almost more people wanting to see Twilight win, despite her killing her friends and wanting to eliminate anyone without the right traits.
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