Attraction and Appeal


Attraction noun - Something that attracts interest.
Usage example: a park with the world's fastest roller coaster and other attractions
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Synonyms for Attraction

Appeal is a synonym for attraction in like topic. In some cases you can use "Appeal" instead a noun "Attraction", when it comes to topics like allure, attractiveness, ability to draw attention. popular alternative


Appeal noun - The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: that hot new actress has a certain indescribable appeal

Attraction is a synonym for appeal in like topic. You can use "Attraction" instead a noun "Appeal", if it concerns topics such as allure, attractiveness, interest. popular alternative

Nearby Words: appealing, appealed, appealable

How words are described

emotional emotional attraction emotional appeal
physical physical attraction physical appeal
particular particular attraction particular appeal
similar similar attraction similar appeal
Other adjectives: natural, true, obvious, blatant, popular, strong, entire, definite, real, big, huge, little, main, sexual, personal, major, desperate, apparent, inexplicable, strange, last.
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