Bearing and Manner


Bearing noun - A person's manner or conduct.

Manner is a synonym for bearing in disposition topic. In some cases you can use "Manner" instead a noun "Bearing", when it comes to topics like demeanour, poise, posture, be. popular alternative

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Manner noun - A distinctive way of putting ideas into words.
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Synonyms for Manner

Bearing is a synonym for manner in conduct topic. You can use "Bearing" instead a noun "Manner", if it concerns topics such as behaviour, demeanour, poise, be. popular alternative

How words are described

calm calm bearing calm manner
direct direct bearing direct manner
interesting interesting bearing interesting manner
possible possible bearing possible manner

Both words in one sentence

  • Light Novel / Sword Art Online Just to rub it in, there's a plinth where the resurrection point in the first town should be, bearing not only the names of the dead but the manner in which they died.
  • Magic Missile Storm Dungeons & Dragons: Magic missile and assorted stronger spells bearing the name "Missile Storm" in some manner are the Trope Namers, and are often depicted as this trope in video games.
  • Cores and Turrets Boss This manner of boss is often stationary, such as being part of a defensive barrier or a vital element of a structure — and in the latter case there's a very good chance it's also a Load-Bearing Boss.
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