Beauty and Dish


Beauty noun - A lovely woman.
Usage example: she was quite a beauty in her younger days

Dish is a synonym for beauty in looker topic. In some cases you can use "Dish" instead a noun "Beauty". informal substitute


Dish noun - A physically attractive person.
Usage example: what a dish my blind date turned out to be!
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Synonyms for Dish

Beauty is a synonym for dish. You can use "Beauty" instead a noun "Dish".

Nearby Words: dished, dishing, dishy, dishful

How words are described

certain certain beauty certain dish
original original beauty original dish
actual actual beauty actual dish
real real beauty real dish
Other adjectives: great, little, famous, new, traditional, local, exotic.

Both words in one sentence

  • Series / Monty Python's Flying Circus Self-Deprecation: They got David Hamilton, who was working for Thames (a rival TV station) to dish out this beauty:David Hamilton: Good evening.
  • Wicked Stepmother In Joseph Jacobs's "The Rose Tree", the stepmother kills her step-daughter out of pure jealousy of her beauty, cooks the body, and serves the dish to her husband.
  • For example, in one episode Mao meets an attractive (but shallow) woman who wants to use him to make the dish her ancestor made, but much like her, the dish has the sauce on the outside while Mao shows it being cooked with the sauce inside (inner beauty).
    Source: Love Allegory
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