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Beloved noun – A person with whom one is in love.
Usage example: searching for some incredibly romantic spot in which to ask his beloved to marry him

Lover is a synonym for beloved in sweetheart topic. In some cases you can use "Lover" instead a noun "Beloved", when it comes to topics like darling, kept woman, someone adored. popular alternative
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Lover noun – A person with a strong and habitual liking for something.
Beloved is a synonym for lover in sweetheart topic. You can use "Beloved" instead a noun "Lover", if it concerns topics such as love, darling, dear, boyfriend. popular alternative
Nearby Words: love, loving, lovely, loved, lovable
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How words are described

old old beloved old lover
best best beloved best lover
current current beloved current lover
true true beloved true lover
Other adjectives: dead, supposed, new, deceased, late, former, long-lost.

Both words in one sentence

  • The historical Edward and his boyfriend Gaveston were actually the same age, but lover/beloved was the predominant homosexual trope in Marlowe's day: people learned the trope from the Greek and Roman classics they read at school, as the list shows.
  • In Murdoch's A Fairly Honourable Defeat, two of the main characters, both grown men, one older than the other, are a lover/beloved couple.In The Nice and the Good, a man becomes attracted to his 15-year-old nephew, who is oblivious, instead pining for a girl his own age.
  • These are all things you can find in many lover/beloved tales with a wide age gap between the pair.
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