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Block verb – Hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of.
Usage example: His brother blocked him at every turn

Prevent is a synonym for block in action topic. In some cases you can use "Prevent" instead a verb "Block", when it comes to topics like obstruct, halt, hinder.
Nearby Words: blocked, blockade, blockage, blockhead, blocking
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Prevent verb – To keep from happening by taking action in advance.
Usage example: a lot of problems would have been prevented if we'd just prepared better

Block is a synonym for prevent in stop topic. You can use "Block" instead a verb "Prevent", if it concerns topics such as action, keep from happening or continuing.
Nearby Words: prevention, preventive, preventing, preventable, preventer
Synonyms for Prevent

Common collocations

power block power prevent power
attack block attack prevent attack
people block people prevent people
someone block someone prevent someone
Other nouns: time, release, magic, attacks, players.

Both words in one sentence

  • Light Novel / Ben-To Weaksauce Weakness: Sen figures out how to block Uzu's signature "poison" move by using something that would prevent Uzu's hand from making contact with her skin, like chopsticks.
  • Literature / Thursday Next This is to prevent Thursday from having a mental breakdown every time she realizes Jenny does not exist; Aornis created a mental block to prevent her from being able to recall this fact.
  • Though holding the block button would prevent any damage from the first punch or two from an opponent, the longer the block button was held the less effective it became.
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