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Bloodline noun – The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: came from a bloodline that could be traced back to the 12th century

Origin is a synonym for bloodline in kin topic. In some cases you can use "Origin" instead a noun "Bloodline", when it comes to topics like ancestry.
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Origin noun – The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: they could trace their origins back 15 generations

Bloodline is a synonym for origin in kin topic. You can use "Bloodline" instead a noun "Origin", if it concerns topics such as descent. popular alternative
Nearby Words: original, originality, origination, originated, originally
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  • Tabletop Game / Vampire: The Requiem Also, the origin of the Azerkatil bloodline, which was created through experimentation with bloodline "genetics" and rampant diablerie.
  • The Arcane bloodline is interesting in that the suggested origin of the bloodline is basically having had lots of ancestors who learned to use arcane magic the hard way.
    Source: Witch Species
  • An interesting but ultimately unrelated note on the time-traveling origin: A person can still take "Heritage" feats, special character options that indicate one's bloodline co-mingles with that of the relevant race/species (Fey Heritage, Draconic Heritage, etc) for Illithids.
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