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Reason is a synonym for brains in mental condition topic. In some cases you can use "Reason" instead a noun "Brains", when it comes to topics like intelligence.
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Reason noun – A statement given to explain a belief or act.
Brains is a synonym for reason in sense topic. You can use "Brains" instead a noun "Reason", if it concerns topics such as intelligence, mental analysis.
Nearby Words: reasonable, reasoning, reasoned, reasonably, reasonableness
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  • Dead Unicorn Trope They also would go after lungs when their ability to speak was breaking down and spines when theirs were broken and so on, the brains thing was just the one that stuck for whatever reason.
  • Wetware CPU The aliens from Skyline want human brains for this reason, as far as we can tell.
    Source: Wetware CPU
  • Brain Food For whatever reason, an amazingly large number of monsters enjoy eating human brains.
    Source: Brain Food
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