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Brother noun – A male with the same parents as someone else.
Fellow is a synonym for brother in friend topic. In some cases you can use "Fellow" instead a noun "Brother", when it comes to topics like colleague, kinsman.
Nearby Words: brotherhood, brotherly
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Fellow noun – A male romantic companion.
Brother is a synonym for fellow in counterpart topic. You can use "Brother" instead a noun "Fellow", if it concerns topics such as friend, peer, kinsman.
Nearby Words: fellowship, fella
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How words are described

dear dear brother dear fellow
old old brother old fellow
good good brother good fellow
evil evil brother evil fellow
Other adjectives: bad, black, young.

Both words in one sentence

  • Plato and Humberto (Plato's big brother and fellow Brazilian) talking to each other in English instead of Portuguese.
  • Taking You with Me: The dragon in the beginning kills Aldric's brother and fellow knights with a wave of fire as he dies, but not before he tells Aldric that the dragons now know about Simon.
  • Sky Pirate aka: Sky Pirates One of the radio plays featured Bang's brother and fellow sky pirate Deathwish Dupree, of whom she is heartily ashamed.
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