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Build verb – To form by putting together parts or materials.
Start and build are semantically related. in establish topic. In some cases you can use "Start" instead a verb "Build", when it comes to topics like initiate.
Nearby Words: built, building, buildup, builder
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Start verb – To move suddenly and sharply (as in surprise).
Build and start are semantically related. Sometimes you can use "Build" instead a verb "Start".
Nearby Words: started, startled, starting, starter, startup
Synonyms for Start

How words are described

good good build good start
best best build best start
long long build long start
similar similar build similar start
Other adjectives: original, initial, proper, small, entire, massive, great, huge, slow, slight, decent, new, early, possible, final.

Common collocations

character build character start character
fire build fire start fire
life build life start life
relationship build relationship start relationship
Other nouns: colony, world, car.

Both words in one sentence

  • Magikarp Power The former has a slow start since their settlers cost Coin instead of food but can build banks to balance it out.
  • Magikarp Power Daichi's parameters start out more balanced, which is a terrible build in this game, but with a slight favor towards Strength and Agility; Hinako has a similar build, but focuses more on Agility than he does.
  • What if, instead of players creating their deck ahead of time and bringing to the match, players had to start with the same limited deck and build it up from the same pool of cards as their opponent?
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