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Build verb – Give form to, according to a plan.
Usage example: build a million-dollar business

Develop is a synonym for build in increase topic. In some cases you can use "Develop" instead a verb "Build".
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Develop verb – To gradually become clearer or more detailed.
Build is a synonym for develop. Sometimes you can use "Build" instead a verb "Develop".
Nearby Words: development, developed, developing, developmental, developer
Synonyms for Develop

Common collocations

device build device develop device
character build character develop character
power build power develop power
civilization build civilization develop civilization
Other nouns: reputation, relationship, society, bomb, case, characters, weapon, version, weapons.

Both words in one sentence

  • Visual Novel / Muv-Luv Alternative This is because of the presence of Laser-class BETA, which forced defense companies to build and develop TSFs instead of fighters.
  • It typically requires supernatural powers to develop and build anything more advanced than 16th century technology, and how easily this is done depends on the people in question.
  • Some German officers of interwar years (among them Heinz Guderian) wondered why the Germans didn't develop and build some more tanks of their own (the A 7 V, the only German tank of World War I, was built in very small numbers very late in war and it was not very good) instead of this.
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