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Bulk noun – The largest part or quantity of something.
Size is a synonym for bulk in quantity topic. In some cases you can use "Size" instead a noun "Bulk", when it comes to topics like mass, weight, height, big. popular alternative
Nearby Words: bulky, bulked, bulking
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Size noun – The total amount of measurable space or surface occupied by something.
Usage example: we worried that the immense size of the sofa would make getting it through the doorway impossible

Bulk is a synonym for size in dimensions topic. You can use "Bulk" instead a noun "Size", if it concerns topics such as mass, height, big. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sized, sizing, sizeable
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How words are described

good good bulk good size
high high bulk high size
physical physical bulk physical size
full full bulk full size
Other adjectives: similar, natural, short, original, considerable, sheer, massive, large, big, increased, extreme, great, enormous, huge, decent, new, general, extra, gigantic, vast, tremendous, greater, larger, giant, bigger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Webcomic / Poppy O'Possum Boris' Lucky Star power makes him near invulnerable, monstrously big in bulk and size, and incredibly strong...but it's tied directly to his self-confidence.
  • Sadly it doesn't do anything about their physical advantages (eg, armoured hides, superstrength, sheer size and bulk).
  • Webcomic / Poppy O'Possum He can swell to immense size and bulk—his strength might potentially be infinite.
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