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Quantity noun – A considerable amount.
Size is a synonym for quantity in amount topic. In some cases you can use "Size" instead a noun "Quantity", when it comes to topics like mass, dimension, volume, number or amount.
Nearby Words: quantify, quantitative, quantifiable, quantification, quant
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Size noun – The total amount of measurable space or surface occupied by something.
Quantity is a synonym for size in amount topic. You can use "Quantity" instead a noun "Size", if it concerns topics such as mass, dimension, volume.
Nearby Words: sized, sizing, sizeable
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How words are described

good good quantity good size
high high quantity high size
exact exact quantity exact size
certain certain quantity certain size
Other adjectives: total, average, sufficient, relative, sheer, small, massive, large, big, great, enormous, huge, tiny, decent, incredible, limited, ridiculous, immense, vast, greater, larger, minimum, maximum, realistic, bigger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Tele-Frag Naturally, this problem decreases rapidly with the size of a map and quantity of respawn points on it.
    Source: Tele-Frag
  • Gag Penis Brad Neely's take on George Washington is a variation of this, in that it isn't about size, but quantity.
    Source: Gag Penis
  • Design-It-Yourself Equipment You can change out engine, guns, torpedoes, ammo type and quantity, armor, fire control, aircraft, and crew within specified maximum limits based on weight and physical size.
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