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Bunch noun – A usually small number of persons considered as a unit.
Usage example: a small bunch of people were sent to clean up the place

Team is a synonym for bunch in group topic. In some cases you can use "Team" instead a noun "Bunch", when it comes to topics like crew, collection of something.
Nearby Words: bunched, bunching, bunchy
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Team noun – A group of people working together on a task.
Bunch is a synonym for team in group topic. You can use "Bunch" instead a noun "Team", if it concerns topics such as crew.
Nearby Words: teaming, teamwork, teammate, teamed
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How words are described

old old bunch old team
good good bunch good team
full full bunch full team
best best bunch best team
Other adjectives: better, original, single, small, entire, real, large, evil, little, bad, black, main, new, titular, next, last, different, red.

Both words in one sentence

  • Prank Date Not only was she there, but so was the entire football team and a bunch of other students who just stood and watched as they stripped him, tied him to the goalpost, and taunted him.
    Source: Prank Date
  • Fan Fic / Panopticon Quest Badass Crew: Not at first, where they were a ragtag bunch of misfits, but the team has come a long way since the beginning.
  • Not So Stoic Later, in another story, after having been beaten, weakened and looted, a group of innocent villagers mistook him and his team for a bunch of villains, and attacked them.
    Source: Not So Stoic
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