Buttocks and Rear


Buttocks noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: she slipped in the mud puddle and hit the ground square on her buttocks
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Synonyms for Buttocks

Rear is a synonym for buttocks in bottom topic. In some cases you can use "Rear" instead a noun "Buttocks", when it comes to topics like backside. popular alternative


Rear noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: fell off her skates onto her rear

Buttocks is a synonym for rear in body topic. You can use "Buttocks" instead a noun "Rear", if it concerns topics such as behind, back or end part. popular alternative

Nearby Words: rearmost, rearwards, rearward, rearer

How words are described

nice nice buttocks nice rear
exposed exposed buttocks exposed rear
actual actual buttocks actual rear
large large buttocks large rear
Other adjectives: huge, noticeable, shapely, naked, curvy.

Both words in one sentence

  • The first portable backcountry toilets, the kind used on most multiday guided river-rafting trips or similar expeditions, had no seats, soon earning them the name "groovers" for the marks their rims left on the buttocks and rear thighs of anyone using them.
  • Provided that the gluteal cleavage (that's the bit between the buttocks) is covered, you can show a massive amount of rear and get away with it.
  • Absurd Phobia Minor villain Dementoid develops one towards buttocks and anuses after Venom turns his rear end into a set of jaws and nearly eats him in reverse.
    Source: Absurd Phobia
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