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Capacity noun – The largest number or amount that something can hold.
Usage example: the seating capacity of the school auditorium is 800 people

Space is a synonym for capacity in volume topic. In some cases you can use "Space" instead a noun "Capacity", when it comes to topics like room, size. popular alternative
Nearby Words: capability, capacious, capaciousness, capacitance, capacitor
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Space noun – An extent or area available for or used up by some activity or thing.
Usage example: how much space will you need for the art project?

Capacity is a synonym for space in room topic. You can use "Capacity" instead a noun "Space", if it concerns topics such as volume. popular alternative
Nearby Words: spacing, spacious, spaced, spaceship, spacer
Synonyms for Space

How words are described

high high capacity high space
physical physical capacity physical space
better better capacity better space
normal normal capacity normal space
Other adjectives: endless, sufficient, small, actual, entire, real, large, unlimited, huge, tiny, new, mental, less, limited, extra, additional, larger, smaller.

Both words in one sentence

  • Mile-Long Ship And because space is so vast it is even called "space" the only limits to single spaceship size would be structural strength and propulsion capacity.
  • Space Elves Brown's Alterien are actual space elves that have the capacity for limited shapeshifting.
    Source: Space Elves
  • My Hero Zero Also, certain conventions that don't have a full table / booth space for Last Res0rt are referred to as "Last Res0rt Zero" events — since the comic's creator is there, just in a reduced capacity.
    Source: My Hero Zero
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