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Case noun – Something that encloses another thing especially to protect it.
Experience and case are semantically related In some cases you can use "Experience" instead a noun "Case".
Nearby Words: cased, casing, casework
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Experience noun – Knowledge gained by actually doing or living through something.
Case and experience are semantically related in circumstance topic. Sometimes you can use "Case" instead a noun "Experience".
Nearby Words: expert, experienced, experiment, experiential, experiencing
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How words are described

good good case good experience
full full case full experience
similar similar case similar experience
complete complete case complete experience
Other adjectives: actual, entire, real, massive, bad, terrible, interesting, new, unique, possible, worst, double, strange, different, previous.

Common collocations

life case life experience life
thanks case thanks experience thanks
sort case sort experience sort
future case future experience future
Other nouns: time, game, times.

Both words in one sentence

  • It also contains the sum total of all a person's knowledge and experience, albeit shrouded in metaphor and symbolism (or in the case of memories, the subjectivity of the experience).
    Source: Mental World
  • The older lawyer is so disgusted that he quits the case; the younger lawyer, his son, tries LSD to see what it's like and testifies that he had a positive experience.
  • Manga / The World of Narue All Love Is Unrequited: Not the case with the main characters obviously, but library assistant Akira Nitta and Alpha Bitch Kyouko Kudou both experience one-sided attractions to other people.
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