Certainly and Obviously


Certainly adverb - Without any question.
Usage example: certainly, you can come to the party
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Synonyms for Certainly

Obviously is a synonym for certainly in clearly topic. In some cases you can use "Obviously" instead an adverb "Certainly", when it comes to topics like unquestionably.

Nearby Words: certain, certainty


Obviously adverb - Unmistakably (`plain' is often used informally for `plainly').

Certainly is a synonym for obviously in clearly topic. You can use "Certainly" instead an adverb "Obviously", if it concerns topics such as unmistakably.

Nearby Words: obvious, obviousness

Both words in one sentence

  • Nightmare Fuel / Anime and Manga It's obviously quite graphic, and certainly a Tear Jerker, but the lack of dialogue, music and animation style really vamp up the creepy factor.
  • Visual Novel / School Days Obviously Evil: Taisuke's new friends from Cross Days have little purpose in the story other than raping Yuuki, and they certainly look the part.
  • It's convenient certainly but this obviously doesn't happen in real life - there's a certain thing called seasons.
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