Absolutely and Certainly


Absolutely adverb - Totally and definitely; without question.

Certainly is a synonym for absolutely in exclamation topic. In some cases you can use "Certainly" instead an adverb "Absolutely", when it comes to topics like definitely, certain, assuredly. popular alternative

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Certainly adverb - Without any question.
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Synonyms for Certainly

Absolutely is a synonym for certainly in exclamation topic. You can use "Absolutely" instead an adverb "Certainly", if it concerns topics such as certain, definitely, completely, of course. popular alternative

Nearby Words: certain, certainty

Both words in one sentence

  • Amusement Park of Doom Don't worry, we're absolutely certain they're not intelligent, and they're certainly not biding their time, waiting to kill us all!
  • Manga / Area 88 The French Foreign Legion, for example, absolutely would not tolerate a good half of what goes on in the book, both morally and certainly in terms of professionalism and performance.
  • Comicbook / Nikolai Dante Strolling Through the Chaos: Viktor often does this in the middle of a battle and won't fight unless he's really pissed off and certainly won't use his powers unless absolutely necessary.
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