Certainty and Reality


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Certainty noun – A state of mind in which one is free from doubt.
Reality is a synonym for certainty in fact topic. In some cases you can use "Reality" instead a noun "Certainty", when it comes to topics like truth, matter. popular alternative
Nearby Words: certain, certainly
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Reality noun – Something that actually exists.
Usage example: the ambition to make his dreams a reality

Certainty is a synonym for reality in truth topic. You can use "Certainty" instead a noun "Reality", if it concerns topics such as matter, fact, facts of existence. popular alternative
Nearby Words: realize, real, realise, realistic, realization
Synonyms for Reality

How words are described

real real certainty real reality
cold cold certainty cold reality
virtual virtual certainty virtual reality

Both words in one sentence

  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu? Even if it doesn't follow any known laws of reality, it's not a certainty that it's evil.
  • This is due mainly to Haruhi's powers being very subtle and especially the lack of certainty about what is really a coincidence and what is outright alteration of reality.
    Source: Magic Realism
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