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Charm noun – The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: a young singer with the kind of charm that turns a performer into a star

Magic is a synonym for charm in enchantment topic. In some cases you can use "Magic" instead a noun "Charm", when it comes to topics like spell, witchcraft, sorcery, supernatural. popular alternative
Nearby Words: charming, charmed, charmingly, charmer, charmless
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Magic noun – The power to control natural forces through supernatural means.
Usage example: he claimed that he could summon a storm through magic

Charm is a synonym for magic in allure topic. You can use "Charm" instead a noun "Magic", if it concerns topics such as witchcraft, supernatural. popular alternative
Nearby Words: magical, magician, mage, magically
Synonyms for Magic

How words are described

good good charm good magic
pure pure charm pure magic
special special charm special magic
best best charm best magic
Other adjectives: natural, green, genuine, simple, powerful, actual, blue, little, black, dark, supernatural, new, unique, traditional, basic, said, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Comments: A brilliant crossover that develops and expands the world building of both works while at the same time maintaining the charm and magic of both works.
  • Power Incontinence Rather, it serves as a sort of crutch, like a security blanket or a lucky charm or Magic Feather or something, that allows Mantis to filter out undesirable thoughts.
  • Tommy believed it would be a universally loved film, the winner of many Oscars, a box-office smash, and sporting the magic and charm of Tennessee Williams, that would be discussed about for decades to come.
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