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Fascination noun – The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: the fascination that the subject of dinosaurs has for most children

Magic is a synonym for fascination in attraction topic. In some cases you can use "Magic" instead a noun "Fascination", when it comes to topics like enchantment, strong interest. popular alternative
Nearby Words: fascinating, fascinate, fascinated, fascinator, fascinatedly
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Magic noun – The power of irresistible attraction.
Usage example: a leader so charismatic that his appeal was like magic

Fascination is a synonym for magic in charm topic. You can use "Fascination" instead a noun "Magic", if it concerns topics such as allure, enchantment, appearance. popular alternative
Nearby Words: magical, magician, mage, magically
Synonyms for Magic

How words are described

human human fascination human magic
similar similar fascination similar magic
genuine genuine fascination genuine magic
strong strong fascination strong magic
Other adjectives: actual, real, dangerous, strange.

Both words in one sentence

  • The character bio section of the Legend arc in Umineko: When They Cry tells you that Maria shares her fascination of the occult with Kinzo and has strange behavior before she started mentioning magic to her family.
  • She was a seven-year-old girl who, apart from this whole "murderess of seven people" thing, would mentally torment adults and children alike and had sick fascination with death and death magic.
  • Fanfic / Alexandra Quick Unlike Harry, she has a fascination with Dark Magic and is generally ostracized by her peers for it.
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