Cheery and Joyful


Cheery adjective - Having or showing a good mood or disposition.
Usage example: a cheery grin on the host of the holiday party

Joyful is a synonym for cheery in happy topic. In some cases you can use "Joyful" instead an adjective "Cheery", when it comes to topics like jolly. popular alternative


Joyful adjective - Experiencing pleasure, satisfaction, or delight.
Usage example: the news of the child's safe return made us all joyful

Cheery is a synonym for joyful in happy topic. You can use "Cheery" instead an adjective "Joyful", if it concerns topics such as cheerful. popular alternative

Nearby Words: joy, joyless, joyfully, joyed

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / Luna Game Mood Whiplash: Naturally in each game, the mood almost always turns in an instant from a happy, cheery, joyful tone to a grim, dark, and desolate one.
  • All abandoned amusement parks are inherent examples of this trope, as the dissonance of its joyful, cheery purpose is consumed alive by weeds, sun fading, and rust is readily apparent in almost any photo.
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