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Closed adjective – Used especially of mouth or eyes.
Usage example: he sat quietly with closed eyes

Tight is a synonym for closed in state topic. In some cases you can use "Tight" instead an adjective "Closed", when it comes to topics like fast, sealed.
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Tight adjective – Pressed tightly together.
Closed is a synonym for tight in state topic. You can use "Closed" instead an adjective "Tight", if it concerns topics such as fast, sealed.
Nearby Words: tighten, tightness, tightly
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  • The water-tight doors on the RMS Titanic closed very slowly, with only the last foot or so dropping quickly, in order that personnel could escape the sections closed off alive.
    Source: Slow Doors
  • Cuffs Off, Rub Wrists There are some anecdotes that suggest the reason they do is is because handcuffs are sometimes closed as tight as possible (which is kind of the point).
  • However, once the doors are closed, the only way to open them is back at dry dock as modern water tight doors have sensors that prevent them from opening if the water is above a certain height.
    Source: Slow Doors
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