Communication and Information


Communication noun - A piece of conveyed information.

Information is a synonym for communication in message topic. In some cases you can use "Information" instead a noun "Communication", when it comes to topics like letter, information transmitted. popular alternative


Information noun - A report of recent events or facts not previously known.
Usage example: what's the latest information about the wildfires out in the West?
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Synonyms for Information

Communication is a synonym for information in letter topic. You can use "Communication" instead a noun "Information". popular alternative

How words are described

good good communication good information
actual actual communication actual information
real real communication real information
little little communication little information
Other adjectives: bad, private, personal, secret, necessary, limited, military, official, basic, written, digital.

Both words in one sentence

  • No-Paper Future Instead most of the communication and information-storage is done with holograms.
  • Electricity. It is our Applied Phlebotinum, used for everything from navigation, communication and information storage to food storage and preparation.
  • Film / Star Trek Beyond Later in the film though, it's established the villain is intimately familiar with the workings of Starfleet, including specifications of ships like Enterprise via information/communication interceptions, so he knew exactly where and how to hit them hard prior to the attack.
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