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Companionship noun – The feeling of closeness and friendship that exists between companions.
Usage example: the widow's pet cats provided her with her only companionship

Society is a synonym for companionship in friendship topic. In some cases you can use "Society" instead a noun "Companionship", when it comes to topics like fellowship, company, connect. popular alternative
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Society noun – The feeling of closeness and friendship that exists between companions.
Usage example: an evening marked by a lovely dinner and the society of our closest friends

Companionship is a synonym for society in humankind topic. You can use "Companionship" instead a noun "Society", if it concerns topics such as fellowship, company, organization, connect. popular alternative
Nearby Words: social, societal
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How words are described

human human companionship human society
female female companionship female society
regular regular companionship regular society
real real companionship real society
Other adjectives: different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / Mouth to Mouth Although, Alison Murray did describe the main appeal of SPARK as being an opportunity for peace and companionship without having to become part of a rotten society.
  • Considering that he's a demon who was cast out of the female-only society he was born in, despite his own mother actually wanting to raise him, he would naturally be an ass, but Kurama's companionship and respect makes it more of a Freudian Excuse.
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