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Conference noun – A body of people come together in one place.
Interview is a synonym for conference in convention topic. In some cases you can use "Interview" instead a noun "Conference", when it comes to topics like consultation, audition. popular alternative
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Interview noun – A conference (usually with someone important).
Conference is a synonym for interview in meeting topic. You can use "Conference" instead a noun "Interview", if it concerns topics such as audience, consultation, audition, questioning and evaluation. popular alternative
Nearby Words: interviewer, interviewed, interviewing, interviewee
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How words are described

live live conference live interview
joint joint conference joint interview
full full conference full interview
public public conference public interview
Other adjectives: complete, actual, entire, infamous, disastrous, important, private, secret, new, mock, final, fictional, last, failed, recent, earlier, aforementioned, online, televised.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Electronic Entertainment Expo After having apparently not learned from their Usher debacle a few years ago, a brief Jason Derulo concert and interview went about as well as one would expect for a video game conference.
  • Advertising / Got Milk? The Real Heroes: In one commercial, a milkman doing his rounds falls down a trapdoor, and into a conference room where The Avengers and a couple other Marvel heroes are meeting, who assume he's there for an interview.
  • Morgan Freeman reported in an interview that in the press conference for Deep Impact (where he plays the President of the US), many reporters called him "Mr. President".
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