Continue and Keep


Continue verb - Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last.
Usage example: continue the family tradition

Keep is a synonym for continue in hold topic. In some cases you can use "Keep" instead a verb "Continue", when it comes to topics like sustain, stay, maintain. popular alternative


Keep verb - Continue a certain state, condition, or activity.
Usage example: Keep on working!

Continue is a synonym for keep in hold topic. You can use "Continue" instead a verb "Keep", if it concerns topics such as tend, sustain, stay, preserve. popular alternative

Nearby Words: keeping, keeper

Common collocations

life continue life keep life
job continue job keep job
name continue name keep name
relationship continue relationship keep relationship
Other words: rest, show, time, way, game, story, existence.

Both words in one sentence

  • Once you learn the brushstrokes, though, you can force day or night to occur or continue and keep the world in perpetual day/night as well.
  • Lara asks him to stay with her and continue to help her restore the Geltic Tribe to its former glory, but he gently declines, by telling her he had other engagements to keep.
  • In order to keep the First Flame alive, the followers of Gwyn must always keep the cycle of sacrifice going in order to continue the Age of Fire.
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