Continue and Last


Continue verb - To remain indefinitely in existence or in the same state.
Usage example: the heavy snow continued throughout the night

Last is a synonym for continue in duration topic. In some cases you can use "Last" instead a verb "Continue", when it comes to topics like remain, outlast, persist, undergo. popular alternative


Last verb - To continue to operate or to meet one's needs.
Usage example: we were lucky that the batteries lasted until we could get to the store to buy more

Continue is a synonym for last in activity topic. You can use "Continue" instead a verb "Last", if it concerns topics such as state, duration, remain, outlast. popular alternative

Nearby Word: lasted

Common collocations

rest continue rest last rest
lives continue lives last lives

Both words in one sentence

  • Continue Your Mission, Dammit! If you lose a fight in Project Justice, the continue screen has your partners trying to urge on your last defeated character.
  • Meaningful Rename Similarly, in the last book Mat is given the name 'Knotai' and Min 'Darbinda', though they continue using their original names outside of the Seanchan court.
  • Video Game / Dead Space 2 If you die, you do not continue from the last checkpoint, but from the last time you saved (so make sure you save when you need to!) You'll need to play very carefully and make full use of the Stasis and Kinesis Modules' abilities to impale enemies to save yourself.
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